SUPER COMBO is a game development and service company based in Singapore. Starting with Chinese and Southeast Asian game markets, we will begin our expansion in these regions and will continue to expand our reach globally. The company is proud of its systematic development scheme to produce games in a quick and efficient manner. Through this, we plan to develop and service a variety of games starting with casual games. And in the future, achieve continuous growth with the goal of having three or more launches every year. We believe that good game development and excellent services will make SUPER COMBO a beloved household name in the industry.


We believe that there are undiscovered games in development with great potential to bring joy to players. So what do we do? Being gamers ourselves, we want to help polish those gems ‘til they’re sparkling bright and ready for release.


We’re in the business of helping to polish games for every kind of gamer,
and here’s a look at some of them


Worldwide Publishing

We’ve got a team and resources in place to take your game worldwide!

Decades of Experience

Did we mention our teams have people who’ve had years and years in the industry?

Unique POVs

We look for more than just the typical when it comes to our games.




We’ll help with streamlining your overall design from the ground up.

Game Support

We’ve got a team who can field inquiries and requests of all kinds from your players – from account concerns to technical issues – we’ve got you covered.

Art Support

Want a certain aesthetic for your game? No problem, we’re hands-on with supporting consistency in art.


Want your game available in a variety of languages? We provide localization in several languages.


Nobody wants a game that runs like a blocky mess, we’ll help make sure your game works well across all systems it’s meant to run on.

You may reach out to us via our email:
[email protected]